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Using an Santa Fe to help with Chronic Sinusitis and Allergies

Q & A With Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear,

I am contemplating installing a whole house dehumidifier to increase air changes and reduce RH. The east central Ohio house 25 years old, 2700 sq ft, full basement, fully insulated, brick veneer, living area enveloped with plastic behind wallboard, full basement with open stairs from family room to large room with furnace in it and laundry that are finished and insulated from rest of basement, a double garage in one end and large storage room and shop in other end which are fully below grade and not heated or cooled with dehumidifiers that do not work because temp usually below 70.

My wife has chronic sinusitis and allergy problems. I want to reduce the humidity in the living area from always, winter and summer, from over 50-60 range to below 50 RH and increase air changes from measured 3 1/2 to 5 or so. Also, how do I lower humidity in storage room and shop where temp less than 70 Degrees and + 70 RH?

The AC is 25 kW electric resistance with 24,000 BTU cooling 5 years old, air bear filter and fan running 27/7.
If exhaust vents placed in basement storage room and shop, will this flow sufficient drier air through these rooms to lower RH in them?



Suggest the Santa Fe 100V for your home. Use a 6″ insulated duct for fresh air to the dehumidifier and an 8″ flex from the open part of the home to the dehumidifier return. Connect the dehumidifier dry air supply to your a/c supply. You may need to run a small 4″ branch dry air supply duct to the isolated shop/storage area. Close all vents to the outside except the dehumidifier return during the summer to prevent excess outside moisture from entering the space. <50‰RH is recommended for the common areas to control dust mites. Keep us posted!


Teddy Bear


Teddy Bear,

Works quite well. Quit running AC fan 24/7 per suggestion from Teddy Bear dropping RH to usually in 30-40% range. Moved UA100 to shop and storage area and set to keep below 50% at Avg. temp 68F where 25 pints cheaper dehumidifiers froze-up. When in AC stream last summer it kept RH in 40-50 range. Good piece of equipment and well made. Thanks for your help.


Published on Nov 29 2014

Last Updated on Nov 10 2020

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